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"Looking forward – With great pride in the past --
it remains a special delight to see guy's in Tucson find an instant social family through the Men's Social Network.  WILL YOU BE A PART OF OUR FUTURE??"

Join us -

Volunteer to Host an event at your home or schedule and host an event at a place of your choice, like a museum tour, a movie, a lunch, just any event that would interest fellow members.

Volunteer to help with the Monthly Pot Luck, we always need help setting up. 

Help in the Kitchen.  Help cleaning up.   

Volunteer to help with the Spring/Fall Picnics; Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinners.

Feel useful, feel needed, be appreciated - host or volunteer!!!
Our contacts for Membership Information, email: 2msnguys@gmail.com or call Lee at 520-398-6826, email msn.communicator@gmail.com or call Thom at 520-305-6976.   Either will be glad to answer your questions regarding membership in the Men's Social Network, please enjoy your visit to our site.

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that might interest you.

A Family of Members; Hiking; Picnics; Pot Lucks; Board and Card Games; Local Tours; Holiday Dinners

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Gay Film Festival Club

Gay Men's Book Club

Pizza Night

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Our Goals

 Please be a frequent visitor, check back every now and again to see what is NEW or has been updated on this site - it is always a work in progress to keep our communications with members and those interested in the M.S.N. up to date.