Membership Application 08/23/2021tg

SPECIAL NOTICE:  WE ARE OFFERING FREE MEMBERSHIP UNTIL JANUARY 31, 2022, at which time dues billing may be sent out or we may once again wave dues as we did this past year.  Everything depends on how the COVID "numbers" are looking and how well we are able to schedule in person events once again.
At the bottom of this page, there is a link to a PDF file which you can download on your computer and print this application out.  Instructions are on the application, if you have any problems or questions, please call 520-305-6976, leave a message.  Thanks, Thom.

“Friendship lightens every burden and

Makes the sunshine brighter.”

Welcome to Men’s Social Network

This application for membership is for (please check one):   (   ) NEW or

 (   ) RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP - date first joined:  ____________ 

This is a “Refer A Friend” application, please credit (MSN Member) __________________ for getting me to join/re-new (leave blank if not a referral.)

Please take a moment to fill out this form and return it along with your check or money order.* Annual dues are for 12 months from the date of your application acceptance.  Membership is limited to sexually oriented male’s 18 years or older.  Annual dues are $15.00 per applicant.  ($15.00 for Single / $30.00 for Couple)

My Name_________________________________ 

Birthday ___/___/___ 

My Phone:

____________________ Home  ___________________Cell


My Email:____________________________________


My Partner/Spouse/Room Mate (circle one)   

Anniversary ___/___/___


His Name_________________________________ Birthday___/___/___


His Email (if different):___________________ 

Cell phone:____________


(   )  Yes, I/we want to be a part of the Men’s Social Network.  It is understood that no alcoholic beverages will be served at events hosted by members or guests; exception is at public venues (restaurant, theatre, Annual Pride, etc.) 

(   )  I understand that most M.S.N. events are for members and their male guests ONLY, especially the Monthly Potluck and Social.   If there is a question regarding this policy for any other event, please check with the event host.  Guest visitors are generally limited to attending three (3) events annually before being asked to pay dues and join or renew if a past member is not current – events are for members!

(   )  Please check here if you DO NOT want your contact information listed in our Membership Directory.  Birthdate YEARS are NOT listed.

* If mailing, please send to MSN, POB 77404, Tucson, AZ  85703-7404


Today’s Date:___________________  Amount:______________ Check #:________

NOTE:  Our annual dues are $15.00 per member (that is $1.25 a month).  A prospective member or non-member may attend any of our scheduled events (a maximum of 3 per calendar year) without paying dues but we are in the membership service business, not the freeloader accommodations business!!!  

An Annual Membership Directory and Membership Card are provided to our members.