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An ongoing goal of the M.S.N. is to be:


We’re an inclusive group – old, young, and open to all ethnic groups.  As a part of this, we want to have activities from time to time with other gay, bisexual and lesbian groups.  In the past, that was quarterly, so we need to work on that some more! 


MSN "H" Club is on temporary Hiatus - check back every now 'n then!!


The MSN "H" Club is a FUN / discussion / learning / participation club. We will meet for typical discussion on words beginning with the letter "H". 

We generally begin the discussion with looking at the "H"eadlines of the most recent Weekly Observer and other articles of interest to our community that are "H"ot topics.  

We will develop "H"andy reference notebooks for use by members.

Notebooks with work in progress are:

    (note: will be updated in June when meetings resume)  

Each member of the MSN "H" Club will be provided with a personal workbook and updates will be provided every week by moderator Thom. 

Join us and participate in what should be a gay educational and entertaining gathering!  

The "H" Club is open to all GLBT and straight (gay accepting) folks interested in the GLBT Community.

We will be have snacks, PIZZA and soda's at each meeting.

Email for information and to be added to our private email list @


Typical MSN "H" Club Agenda 

Moderator:  Thom Goodrich   Cell # 305-6976

2:45PM - 3PM  Set up room (soda's, snacks, ice, reference note books.)

3PM - 3:30PM -- Introduce new attendees and general chit chat.

3:30PM - 4:00PM -- "H"eadline news -- discussion of articles in the current Observer.

4:00PM - 4:30PM -- "H" subject of the day - this week will be "H"earst "H"istory - a study in gay events since the beginning of man kind.

4:30PM - 5PM -- closing discussions. Snacks and pizza served.

5PM - 5:15PM -- clean up room, lock and leave.

Times are listed as a guide only and are not scribed in stone.   Everyone, however, is asked to attempt to adhere to them, it may be necessary to shorten or lengthen any time frame depending on interest of the group.


Below is a sample of some things the MSN "H" Club learns about under our Gay "H"istory:

 1970, aspiring singer/songwriter Barry Manilow takes a job as a pianist at New York's Continental Baths making $125 a night.

1971, it looks "the gays" have taken over across America, if the first public meeting of the Gay Liberation Front at the YMCA near Iowa State University is any indication.

1976, the Dallas Motion Picture Classification Board ads "P" to its film ratings. It stands for "perversion" and will be issued should a movie include gay characters.

1981, while nobody else has come up with a definitive term for what they're seeing, researchers in "The Lancet" define the mysterious cases of Kaposese Sarcoma in otherwise previously healthy men as "Gay Compromise Syndrome."

1995, on "Roseanne," Leon Carp (Martin Mull) and his lover Scott (Fred Willard) are thee wed. Before the commitment ceremony, Leon momentarily doubts his sexuality, to which the always tactful Roseanne responds "You couldn't be any gayer if your name was Gay Gayerson." Among the fab assortment of churchgoing guest stars for the controversial coupling? June Lockhart, Norm Crosby, Alexis Arquette, Byron "Diva" Batista, David Michaels, The Chanel Twins, Milton Berle in classic drag, and one time Roseanne-kisser Mariel Hemingway. A skittish ABC naturally delays the "December Bride" episode from its regular 8 PM time slot to a later 9:30 showcase, which pleases the show's star. Roseanne announced before the season began she would do her darnedest to get the create some sort of controversy to get the show returned to 9 PM ... and a larger audience.

1997, townsfolk of Chesterton, Indiana, question the right of an English teacher to display a poster featuring the names of famous gays and lesbians. The town meeting is sponsored by the ACLU. One high school senior tells the gathered "concerned" parents that she spent years in teacher Bonnie Leckie's classroom without ever noticing the poster until parent Cathy Podguski challenged it because she said it didn't conform to the English department curriculum. "Has the poster changed my sexuality? No. "I see homosexuals in the hallway every day. Does that make me change my sexuality? No. What is the big deal?"

"H"ope to see you there.  
Call Thom @ 305-6976!!!