Potluck Check List 12/18/2016tg

(the place to find answers to some FAQ's about our Potluck and Social)

  • The Monthly Potluck is a safe and friendly atmosphere in which to meet new men and make new friends.  Our Potluck is a great introduction to M.S.N. members and events and for meeting new male friends and new guys checking out our club to see if it is something for them to become involved in.  We are an alternative to the bar scene.  

  • Introductions are made for new faces who want to be introduced but they are under no obligation to speak to the group unless they want to.   We do ask that new faces fill out one of our Introduction Questionnaires that will be provided at sign in at the greeting table.  

  •  Announcements from members and announcements about upcoming events and activities are made usually between dinner and dessert to keep you up-to-date and in-the loop.  There normally is no boring business conducted, just occasional entertainment, guest speakers and of course plenty of social (verbal) intercourse!!    

  • What is expected of members regarding food?? - - Just bring your favorite pre-cooked food item to share - enough to share with at least 8 others (do not bring food that needs to be cooked, we can not cook in the kitchen, we can keep food warm or refrigerated.  We have Food Tents we request those bringing home made food to fill out so they can be placed with your food item when it is delivered to the serving tables.  
  • PLEASE Do not bring serving utensils, we have plenty.  If your serving dish is one that is not disposable, the Kitchen Krew will have it washed and ready for you when you are ready to leave.   

  • If you are not a cook, stop at your favorite deli; restaurant take-out or drive thru; or grocery store for an appealing pre-cooked item.  Again, please plan on being able to serve at least 8 people with your selected dish.  We encourage people to bring a main dish.  The M.S.N. Potlucks are usually a true Potluck with no pre-planned menu, so bring a great dish and let your culinary spirit of adventure shine!  

  • Various side dishes are always popular but chips and salsa's are not popular.   We do have a separate table set up for Appetizers next to the beverage tables.
  • Breads of any kind are definitely NOT POPULAR  unless set on dining tables ahead of dinner in serving baskets with butter provided at each table!

  •   Desserts of course are always appreciated, we never seem to have enough sweets and diabetic desserts, we do provide a Birthday cake to celebrate the birthdays of the month!!

  •  Effective December 10th, 2016, at the general membership meeting, there was a Participation Fee approved to be collected at Potlucks and other events in order to keep our dues at $15.00 per member.   We are asking all members (singles or couples) attending, to bring $3.00 per to be collected at check in.  IF a food dish is NOT bought, we request $5.00 per to be collected at check in.    NOTE:  Guests are not asked to bring a food dish or to make monetary contributions, however, we will not discourage their actions if they choose to contribute with food or cash.

NOTE:  Our annual dues are $15.00 per member.  A prospective member or non-member may attend any of our scheduled events (a maximum of 3 per calendar year) without paying dues but we are in the membership service business, not the freeloader business!!!  

An Annual Membership Directory and Membership Card are provided to our members.