Triangle Tribe >>>Revised 11/2/2022tg

Triangle Tribe

Triangle Tribe is a gathering of gay, bisexual and straight men, members of the M.S.N., who 
come together to learn and teach communication from their true selves through awareness.  

 With exercises and discussions, we learn and teach how to support one another as we break down the walls and fears that interfere with our ability to connect fully with another human being and to deal with our own inner conflicts.

We are not affiliated with any religious, institutional or psychotherapy group, and there is never a charge to participate.   Bring only your intention to grow, heal and support.

Merlin Spillers

Lee Rodan

David Brewer

NOTE:  Our annual dues are $10.00 per member.  A prospective member or non-member may attend any of our scheduled events (a maximum of 3 per calendar year) without paying dues but we are a membership service club, not a freeloader club!!!  

An Annual Membership Directory and Membership Card are provided to our members.