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We appreciate all current members that are on our roster as we enter our 20th year.

We are the only "home grown male (gay, gay accepting and bi) social membership organization" in Tucson.  

Thanks to all 104 current members.

Special thanks to the following for their extra help in making the M.S.N. the success it is. They are hosting events, volunteering to help at events and have made extra contributions and support above and beyond:

John Carl Bruecker and Mike Johnson

David Hensley

Tom Nickel

Steve Cruz

Ken Cooper and Ike Gaskin

George Gamez

Jon Stetson

Jeff Poulin and Brian Chagnon

Eddie Perez

Scott Harrington

Ed Thorpe

Ray Evans and David Lilley

Robert Serrano

Lee Roden and Merlin Spillers

Bill Chamberlain and Darrin Moore

Tom Vacca

Davis Palmer

Roy Parsons

David Brewer

Stephen Reidy

Richard Burnett and Richard Couture

Marv Levison

Jimmy Martin

T. Stephen Cody

Archie Offedhalh

Kirk Jackson

Thom Goodrich

(and last but not least and just too many to list are:


That make the Pot Luck events the success' they are!!)


That make the Pot Lucks a success!!)