Birthdays - Current Members 08/15/2017tg

NOTE:  If you are a current member and you are not listed, this indicates we do not have your birth date in our records - if you wish to be listed please email the info to: - Thank you.   

We begin the list with the month of March - the month the M.S.N. was founded or "born".

Special Happy Birthday to the Men's Social Network - Founded March, 1995 and to all of our current March birthday members - - -
Joshua Nararez Bowden
John Diehl
Steven Cruz
James Martin
James D. Gillock
David H. Braun
Lino Laure
R. Larry Hawkins
Peter Bleasby
Fred Woch

Birthday Members celebrating in April - - -
Mitch Bunting
Davis Palmer
Jim Wilcoxon
Merrill V. Melton
Gregg Romans
Ronald Cameron

Birthday Members celebrating in May - - -
Rod Cormier
Jim Short
J. Robert Serrano
Duane Brownell
Bruce Babski
Dave Lilley
Walter Veasy

Birthday Members celebrating in June - - -
Davidia Benitez
David Marsh
Darrin Moore
Tom Nickel
Steven Klass
Ernie De La Vara
Dan Russo
Jim Reiter
Gene Janinski

Birthday Members celebrating in July - - -
James Richardson
Michael Heimbuch
Stephen Reidy
John Farris
To Vacca
John Boylan
Dan Benitez
David J. Miers
Kirk Grugel Short
Richard Montgomery

Birthday Members celebrating in August - - -
John Weyersmiller
Aaron Neil
James Smith
Archie Oftedahl
Ted Pearson Jr.
Jadeh M. Moore
John Quinlan
Steve Wagner
Jay Johnson
Ken Cooper
John Carl Bruecker
Ron Kenyon
David Hensley

Birthday Members celebrating in September - - -
Ray Evans
Noel Floresca
Steve Barreto
Kenneth R. Gottlieb
Karol K. Chaska
James C. Hamm
T. Stephen Cody

Birthday Members celebrating in October - - -
Merlin Spillers
Roy L. Parsons
Thomas Goodrich
Russ Simbari

Birthday Members celebrating in November - - -
Steve Peterson
Marvin Levison
Stuart J. Meinke
John Senffner
Lee Roden
Ed Thorpe
Richard Couture

Birthday Members celebrating in December - - -
Sam Reynolds
Richard "Dick" Burnett
J.D. Simmons
Tom Moga
Dean R. Taylor
Tom Fairfield
Tony Eckstat
Jon Stetson
William S. (Steve) Mayberry
William Chamberlain
Vergel V. Tan
Addison Hazen

Birthday Members celebrating in January - - -
Bradford Morgan
Richard (aka Vera DelMar) Barajas
Ike Gaskin
Larry Miller
Edward Perez
Tom Williams
Sheldon Clare
Rex Bronnenberg
Michael E. Johnson

Birthday Members celebrating in February - - -
Joseph B. Sankovich
David Brewer
Don Gerlach
Randolph Maxted
Dennis Roney
Mike Sepich
Frank Frisina
Paul Holloway
Charles S. Marshall
David Carter


NOTE:  Our annual dues are $15.00 per member (that is $1.25 a month).  A prospective member or non-member may attend any of our scheduled events (a maximum of 3 per calendar year) without paying dues but we are in the membership service business, not the freeloader accommodations business!!!  

An Annual Membership Directory and Membership Card are provided to our members.