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Chamber Affiliation

Listed as an information source and is a 
Member of Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit business league composed of companies invited to membership. Membership is by invitation only. The BBB's purpose is to foster and promote the highest ethical relationship between businesses and consumers. The BBB offers dispute conciliation, advertising review and binding arbitration.

Kim States
5151 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 100
Tucson, AZ 85711-3797
Phone: (520) 888-5353
Cell: (520) 888-6161
Fax: (520) 888-6262
Email: info@tucson.bbb.org
Website: www.bbb.org/tucson

Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce
The Tucson Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Chamber of Commerce (TGLBTCC) is one of the Tucson metropolitan area's fastest growing chambers - and the only chamber dedicated to the GLBT business community and its allies.
You can contact us through any of the following means:
      email:  info@tucsonglbtchamber.org
      phone:  520.615.6436
      snail mail:  Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce
                       P.O. Box 14312
                       Tucson, AZ 85732-4312

Chamber of Commerce

Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Reaching the Valley of The Sun Business Community and The State of Arizona Promoting Tourism.

Kathleen Osborn
1027 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 266-5055
Fax: (602) 242-6237
Website: www.gpglcc.org

Child Welfare Services

Devereux Arizona

Foster care and adoption services.

Haley Anderson
Debra Howard
Yvette Jackson
6141 E. Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 296-5551 Ext. 132
Email: dhoward@devereux.org
Website: www.devereux.org




Our Pot Luck and Social Events Host Church
(NOTE:  Pastor Lee has retired and is now living in Chicago.  Meet Pastor Amos, he has replaced 
Pastor Lee.)
The Gay Community Church
(NOTE:  Pastor Charlie is no longer with Water of Life, he has retired.  I do not have a current card for the new Pastor.  Address, Phone # and Web Site are all current on this card.  Pastor Charlie, good luck and enjoy your retirement years, thank you for you years of dedication in serving the gay community.)

Colon Hydrotherapy

Computer Technical Support Service
*****Steven J. Cruz 
For computer technical support services 
Contact me at: Phone: (520) 808-4457 Email: steve.cruz@gmail.com
*****Steve is an M.S.N. Member

Computer Software, Training




***** Steve is an MSN Member and a Member of Tucson GLBT Chamber of Commerce:

***** Steve Wagner, LCSW, MDiv.

Individual and couple psychotherapy. Areas of specialization: Relationship Issues, Addictions, Grief and Loss, Depression and Anxiety, Spiritual Issues. Over 25 years experience.

Steve Wagner
5210 E. Pima, Suite 105
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 629-9166
Cell: (520) 400-2137
Fax: (520) 795-3575
Email: sjtucson@aol.com
*****Steve is an MSN Member

Custom Apparel Printing

Defense and Aerospace Systems

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Directories listed are directories that have listed our group FREE OF CHARGE and are supportive of our community and M.S.N. members -- SUPPORT THEM and be sure you tell them you were led to their directory by this listing in the M.S.N. Business Categories pages.  Thanks to the owners of these free directories.
Gay Tucson

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others are to ask.

Gay Tucson is the online gay community center for the GLBT community in Tucson, AZ. 

GayTucson.com provides information about gay bars, gay hotels, gay owned / gay friendly restaurants and businesses,  a calendar of events, gay pride, gay news, home loans and all that Tucson has to offer the GLBT community and it friends.

How to navigate Gay Tucson.
It's really easy, if you're looking for a gay Realtor or pet sitter or a tanning salon, go to the business page by clicking on the button that says
business / retail / services.
If you're trying to find a gay bar, click on the button that says - bars/clubs.  We are trying to keep it usefull and simple at the same time.  Check out all the pages and photos have fun.
The navigation buttons:
Ask mom encourages people to ask questions of a mom who has a gay child of her own.
Gay-Bars-Tucson-Dance-Bar-AZBars/Clubs connects you with the places where members of the gay community are more likely to go in Tucson.
Business/Retail/Services provides listings for gay owned and gay friendly businesses in Tucson, AZ
Contact us tells you how to communicate with Gay Tucson.com.  It also has some links to other sites that provide similar information for other cities.
Dining highlights both gay owned and gay friendly restaurants in Tucson, AZ
Events provides you with the different events that take place throughout the year.  These events attract a large amount of the gay community and the friends and family who support them.  An event listed does not mean that the organization supporting the event is a gay organization.

Fruit Fly Forum: She’s here, not queer, but certainly in the know. Our resident fruit fly has all the latest buzz. Out regularly in Tucson with the boys, she has a lot to tell.

Fun facts are just that.  Fun facts about the gay community and it's history.

Blog-Gay-Realtor-Blog-Tucson-AZ-Real-EstateGay Tucson Blog: Owner privileges. LOL Tony Ray writes random stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else on Gay Tucson. Check it out.

Go Green: If you’re interested in recycling, green real estate, energy efficiency, green products, green companies and saving the planet, check out our go green pages. Gay Tucson also identifies green companies on the Business / retail / services page and green products available on the Shopping Gay page. You can help rescue our rainforests and save our planet. You can make a difference.

Groups/Clubs/Activities posts the information about the different groups and clubs in Tucson, AZ.
Hotels includes gay owned and gay friendly places to stay such as hotels and bed and breakfast's.
Links are organized in three main categories, local, state, and national.  These links are to GLBT owned and/or friendly organizations. 
News is constantly updated news from around the world that is specific to the gay community.
Pride photos showcases photos from the different gay pride events celebrated in Tucson, AZ.
Gay-Realtor-Tucson-AZ-Real-EstateReal Estate Tucson Arizona provides a direct link to Tucson's Realtor data base and information about Tony Ray Baker.  Tony Ray started Gay Tucson.com in 2006 and has been selling real estate full time in Tucson, AZ since 1994. 

Need a gay Realtor / gay friendly Realtor in another city?  Call Tony Ray at (520) 631-TONY (8669) and he will refer you to someone you can trust.

Shopping Gay connects you with all of our favorite online gay stores.  You'll find movies and books and just about everything under the rainbow.  Laughing

Spirituality provides different spiritual/religious places that are gay and/or gay friendly.

Weather: Tucson’s current weather conditions and overall climate information.

Click here to see homes for sale by searching the real estate data base used by almost every Realtor in Tucson, AZ    Tucson Real Estate Database

Dog Training (also check Pet Services)