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Unfortunately, at any given time,we usually have several members (and former members living out of State) that are either recovering from medical problems, illness or are otherwise in long term care living situations.

Occasional phone calls, visits, emails, Facebook communications, snail mail "get well", "wishing you a speedy recovery" or "just thinking about you" cards are always appreciated by everyone - take just the time to show you care!  (We could be next on this page - beats that alternative page!)

Consider that you or a loved one may encounter a medical problem or illness at any time.   Please keep your M.S.N. family updated either yourself, friend or family member. 

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Roy Parsons is now at
Cornerstone Hospital
  • Address: 7220 E Rosewood St, Tucson, AZ 85710
  • Phone: (520) 546-4595
His Cell Phone = 520-241-9291
I suggest you call Roy either on his cell or through the hospital switchboard.
Visitors appreciated


From:  Frank Frisina

Aug 20

August 19, 2018


Family and Friends,


Dave told me he had not informed any of you about his recent medical bouts.


I will start at the most recent.  At 1:30 am Saturday,  8-18-18, we drove to the VA emergency department because he had been suffering with pain around the left side of his neck, on and off for about a month.  In the past few days it increased, including the top of his head and down to his lower left neck area.  Dave has a high pain threshold and minimizes pain and does not have a history of migraines.  In the ED they did the usual scans and labs and admitted him but no actions over this weekend.     


On July 25th he started talking gibberish and had been complaining of a mild but increasing stomach ache.  EMTs took him to the VA suspectinganother TIA.  A mass was discovered around his small intestine and on 7-26, after surgically removing part of his small intestine, pathology identified a typically fast growing NEUROENDOCRINE TUMOR.  The oncology team will consult with us and his primary this week.


Prior to that week, Dave fell 4 times in one day but this time his 19 months of poor-to-no-balance, was accompanied by a TIA.  EMTs got him up from his 3rd fall and after refusing to go to the hospital, got him onto his bed and claiming to be OK, they departed.  Minutes later he fell again but not to the floor.


A week before that he was displaying signs of a TIA for the first time and the EMTs took him to the VA and within hours he was feeling well.  In my absence he tells discharge staff that he has help at home.   He does not! Last year as I tried to help him onto his bed he collapsed on me, fracturing his left shoulder and injuring my paralyzed foot.  His healed shoulder still causes him pain and weakness. Dave hates remaining in the hospital for physical therapy and hates rehab even more because they are seriously understaffed and poorly funded making most of our rehab facilities pitiful. 


To date, his 4th or 5th TIA is clearly an indication of an impending stroke.   I have brought Dave to (and attended in support) endless VA, TOPS and other weight loss programs but his choices of food and beverage continue to cause little to improve his health.  Deadly “comfort foods” are just that, deadly.  Neither you nor I want to lose Dave but he clearly needs an addictions program which he refuses to attend.  From what Dave has shared over the years about family history, stagnation, abuses and refusal to make significant life-saving changes, poor health was well modeled and his bi-polar episodes have put us at financial risk. Maybe siblings will have insight but after almost 26 years, I am running short on ideas.  The VA offers many programs for these frequent problems but there has to be motivation.  Help is desperately needed and prayers are more than welcomed.


Peace and love.


Please take the time to communicate with those on this page, we never know when we might wish that someone has taken the time to reach out with best wishes to us!!!  Thank you.


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