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Unfortunately we usually have several members (and former members living out of State) that are either recovering from medical problems, illness or are otherwise in long term care living situations.

Occasional phone calls, visits, emails, Facebook communications, snail mail "get well", "wishing you a speedy recovery" or "just thinking about you" cards are always appreciated by everyone - take just the time to show you care!  (We could be next on this page - beats that alternative page!)

Consider that you or a loved one may encounter a medical problem or illness at any time.   Please keep your M.S.N. family updated either yourself, friend or family member. 

Please contact Thom at 520-305-6976 or to be added to this page or for updates.  We will list medical details and contact info along with the wishes  about if visitors, phone calls or just cyber space and snail mail communications are welcome.

​Dave Marsh - the latest word from Frank
On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 6:57 AM, Frank Frisina <> wrote:


Thanks for the MSN info.  I may not participate while spending time at the hospital with Dave.

A different medical team is working on Dave and creating frustration and confusion.   Disregarding  the complexity of Dave’s many prescribed meds and the newest ones having had such devastating effect on him, they are diagnosing his symptoms, not from polypharmaceuticals but as diseases.  I don’t like hearing the suggestion of Parkinson’s because of long history of family members and close friends, but we do need answers and we need to be assured that they are doing all they can to resolve his weakness, his dizziness, and his tremors.  All of which started with the addition of a recent medicine.   Physical therapy is once again going to help him rebuild some strength till the next time he falls from dizziness or weakness.                                                                                                                                                              

Doctors drop in on him when they are on the premises and it seems impossible to catch any one of them to discuss his condition.   Dave does not always clearly describe his symptoms. No wonder new docs are looking for diseases typical of his present symptoms.  I will find out from his nurse the typical doctor arrival times and park in his room till one show up.  I need to know what is happening to him instead of Dave’s cryptic and incomplete reports to me of the latest doctor’s visit. 

Peace, Frank

I replied to Franks first email asking info about where Dave was located, here is his reply:

Thanks, Thom.  

I would like to know the name of the woman in bldg 90 for answers.  

Dave was in the VA for 8 days then moved at rehab.  I requested one close to home and chose Foothills Rehabilitation Center on Craycroft just south of Grant Rd. after a tour with the manager.  From there my best advocate for him is his sister a RN who pushes the doctors for answers and gets them. While she is in Redlands, CA, she is still a strong influence and HEPA approved for interaction.  She and I have both pushed for much of what lessens Dave's depression (changing meds, diet, furniture, bed, environment, etc.).   The staff is above average, the food excellent and while services are all good, the building itself needs rehab.  I will keep you posted on his progress.

You, Thom, are in our prayers for positive outcome and or direction from your diagnostics.



 NOTE:  Dave can be contacted by his cell phone:  520-971-746 or by email:  He can also be reached on his Facebook page:  If you would like to send a card, it would be best to mail it to their home address and Frank will be sure it gets to Dave:  3552 E. 3rd St., Tucson 85716-4608.

Latest update from Davis Palmer:

Davis has relocated to an Assisted Living Care Home.

Thom & MSN Members,

If the Devil showed up, I'd welcome the company.  Lee calls every day, my cousin comes Sundays between 3-3.45, and Christine usually comes Tuesdays.  Lee, Merlin, and company and Ike and Ken have been here twice.  Beyond that, nothing but occasional emails and calls.

Please put out the word I would love some more contact--email, phone calls, visits.

My cell number is 229-7817.  The house phone (shared, but good for longer chats), is 615-9296.

My email remains

The address is-
Golden Hope Adult Care Home No 2
6121 N Placita Arco
Tucson, AZ  85718

Visiting hours are 10-12A, 1-5P.  No visitors after 5P.

Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons are usually busy.  Sunday after 3 is usually busy.  The rest is free, but do call ahead so I can get ready.  Pets are welcome for visits.

Hope all is well with everyone.  Keep in touch.


Please take the time to communicate with those on this page, we never know when we might wish that someone has taken the time to reach out with best wishes to us!!!  Thank you.


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