Our Goals 06/01/2016tg


(These five goals were established for the group shortly after it’s founding and have continued throughout the years with minor definition modifications.)


Each member must commit something of worth to the group.  That commitment can be in almost any form.  Time, money, bringing snacks or sodas to a couple of home hosted events.  At least once a year (or more if you’d like), do something for the good of the group.  It doesn’t have to be much – a little time, a little effort and a little help goes a long way and is always appreciated.  Anything you can contribute to ensure that you feel like you’re a special part of the family – not just another dues paying member.

Host an event either in your home, at a public venue or if you have a regular event you like to attend and would like to share it with more?  Host it - get it on our Calendar of Events.


We are, first and foremost, a group dedicated to socializing.  Meet someone new at each gathering, don't fall into a clique!  Create the family you’ve always wanted, a network of close friends.   Invite your non-member friends to become an instant part of our family.  If they aren't sure they care to become "instant" members, ask them to come to at least 3 events and then if they like us, to become a card carrying member!  $15.00 a year is a bargain! 


Our recreational nature is addressed by our monthly activities that put us to work physically.  Except for bowling, this has been lacking lately, but we hope it returns!  

Anyone care to host a hike, a bike ride a volleyball game or a date at the local gym you belong to and have a set workout day?!


If we want to be a family, we need to support one another.  Once you get to know someone, generally you can’t help but want to be there for them – in good and bad times.  Check our Convalescence page to see who is in need of a friendly greeting.   Friendship lightens every burden and makes the sun shine brighter!


We’re an inclusive group – old, young, and open to all ethnic groups.  As a part of this, we want to have activities from time to time with other gay, bisexual and lesbian groups.  

We currently have a close relationship with the Tucson Prime Timers with bowling on Mondays and Thursdays and with the Golden Guy's LUNDIN Club which was founded as a monthly get together for both groups at a scheduled Lunch / Dinner Event!