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(NOTE:  If any members have information regarding members, past or present, having any life changing event, any move,  promotion, health, hospitalization, convalescing, passing, or other personal event that might be of interest to our membership and you wish to share; also any LGBT Community Events or news.   Please email: with the details.)
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(below are past More Scattered Notes with year round relevance or other important information - other More Scattered Notes events and information is in the weekly M.S.N. emails!)

Unfortunately we usually have several members (and out of State former members) that are either recovering from medical problems, illness or are otherwise in long term care living situations.
Phone calls, visits, emails, Facebook communications, "get well", "wishing you a speedy recovery" or "just thinking about you" cards are always appreciated by everyone.
Consider that you or a loved one may encounter a medical problem or illness at any time. Please keep your M.S.N. family updated either by yourself, a friend or a family member. 
Please contact Thom at 520-305-6976 or email the information to in order to be added to the Convalescence page or for any updates. We will list medical details and contact info along with the wishes about visitors, phone calls or just cyber space and snail mail communications are welcome.

If you have any thing to sell, give away, need some help with, or any other "classified ad" item, please use this connection to Contact Us with detailed information.  Also, if you are an MSN Member and have a business card that you would like to have posted for either you or a recommended business you frequent, please mail it to MSN, POB 27404, Tucson, AZ 85726-7404.


The Southern Arizona (formerly Wingspan) SENIOR PRIDE POTLUCKS
Every 4th Saturday (if going please call Lee for more info and to be sure the event is still scheduled.)
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Senior Pride Potluck - Cornerstone Fellowship Social Hall - contact Lee Roden @ 398-6826

2902 N. Geronimo (and Laguna) near 1st Ave.

"Join us to share a meal and company."


Email from Richard Burnett if you shop at Fry's and have a VIP account, you can help a local charity help Tucson kids at no cost to you:

It is time to renew (or set up) your desire to donate AT NO COST to KIWANIS DE AMIGOS, Organization Number 81771.

All you need to do is log in your Fry's account.
Scroll down towards the bottom to Community Rewards and enter 81771 as the organization and follow the online instructions from there.

That simple!

Please pass this email along to your friends and family but they must shop at Fry's in Arizona.

By donating to Kiwanis de Amigos you help children.  Any questions, don't hesitate to call Dick Burnett 664-6601

(NOTE: If already signed up, you must renew every August.)
Richard B.


NOTE:  Our annual dues are $15.00 per member (that is $1.25 a month).  A prospective member or non-member may attend any of our scheduled events (a maximum of 3 per calendar year) without paying dues but we are in the membership service business, not the freeloader accommodations business!!!  

An Annual Membership Directory and Membership Card are provided to our members.