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Pizza Night History 05/01/2016tg

(NOTICE:  This event is currently without hosts and what once was a very popular event is currently waiting for the next "Knight in Shining Armor OR Lady of the Knight" to volunteer!!!!)

Pizza Night

Join the men of MSN for the monthly pizza night. We order several types of pizza from Little Caesar's (including Vegetarian), so please let us know when you call for reservations whether you prefer veggie, and we can be sure to have enough on hand.

We also provide salad and dessert. All this for just $4.00 - plus you get a fun night out with the guys! You just can't beat this deal.

Please help us by calling in your reservations and for directions. Call Jerry Curl at 69x-956x.

Since we need to order the pizzas in advance, please call in your reservation before 1:00 p.m. on the day of the Pizza Night.

NOTICE:  The above "Pizza Night" description was the original web page.  At that time Jerry and Les were regular hosts of the event at their home and the individual donation was $4.00 each. 


The price was raised to $5.00 donation per attendee sometime in 2001.  Hosts continued to include Jerry and Les up to Jerry's passing. Other hosts have included Glen and Kelly Machett-Morris and John Barnes;  Bruce Babski;  Marty Sims; Joe Sankovich; John Cise and Carlos Zapata; Jeff Ramos and Art Boehm.

After Jerry passed, the Pizza Night pretty much narrowed to Bruce Babski; Arlan Colton; Robert Serrano; Lloyd Chapman; Glenn and Kelly Machett-Morris; Erich Flothmeier; Tom Ruch (sorry if I missed anyone.)  As I recall the last home hosted Pizza Night was held at Bruce Babski's -- I  have included pictures of that event.

We have tried Pizza Night at pizza parlors with very poor turn out -- this is not to say that another try by another host (Thom Goodrich hosted this for several months after no home hosts were volunteering.)

If anyone is interested in hosting Pizza Nights again, please contact a Steering Committee member and let them know of your interest.


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