Our Old Communications 10/31/2022tg

History of our first cyberspace communications to our membership - short of email and snail mail communications:

YAHOO GROUP SITES CALENDAR OF EVENTS VS. NEW EASY ACCESS ONLINE EVENTS CALENDAR - -  Once upon a time not so long ago - - we depended largely on Yahoo for our special communications needs.  At one time Email was the way on the internet to communicate with our members.  

Yahoo introduced their groups and trying to keep pace with new communications methods, we went into the Yahoo Group internet world - led by past member Doug Martin.  

Back in 2004, I took over the duties from Doug to keep the Yahoo Calendar up to date with our monthly events.      

Members Marvin Levison and Davis Palmer (now deceased) each took over keeping the Yahoo Calendar up to date for a while but for personal reasons gave up and we have not had any volunteers pick up the Yahoo Calendar so the Yahoo site died on March 15th, 2015.  

Back in 2011, I found an online stand-alone Calendar that accomplished everything the Yahoo site provided, without needing a (Yahoo) ID to sign in to view the Calendar.  

With the increased use and acceptance of our newer easy to access M.S.N. Calendar of Events, and with the ability of members to receive free "event reminders" emails from that site, a feature which was once the major advantage to using the Yahoo Calendar, we no longer needed the duplica

If anyone needs help accessing the Easy Access Calendar or scheduling event reminders from it, please give me a return email so that we can be on the phone and computer at the same time to set it up for you.   
Any comments regarding the calendar(s) will be appreciated.   

Now if I could just convince those that still rely totally on snail mail - - - oh well, that is another topic another day -- LOL!!!    Thom