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A little history about Davis Palmer and his association with the M.S.N.   Many of you longer term members know Davis, many new members haven't had the privilege of meeting Davis and having interesting dialog with him.  

Davis has been a member of our organization since May, 2008.  I first met Davis at The Kettle Restaurant on I-10 and Congress at one of the Sunday Night OUT Dinners that I once hosted.  We happened to be the only ones that showed up that evening for the occasion so we had plenty of time to get to chat one on one!  

Once Davis became a member, he became active and remained active up until his need to be kept in a 24/7 Assisted Living Care facility.  He was a host for many years of our Annual Spring and Fall picnics.  He home hosted very successful board and card games every week and also hosted special holiday dinner nights and parties on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.    

Since the Spring of 2015 Davis has become a permanent resident at Golden Hope Adult Care Home #2, 6121 N Placita Arco, Tucson 85718.   He appreciates visits, occasional written communications (card and emails) as well as frequent phone calls - all meaningful in helping brighten his days in a confined setting.  Give him a phone call if you would like to chat with him:  520-229-7817 or drop him an email at 

Davis served on our Steering Committee until his confinement at Golden Hope when we realized he could no longer get out and be active in events.  We commend Davis for his dedication and wish him all the best that life can bring under his current circumstances.

Thanks much, Thom 

PS:  below is Davis' Bio that  he submitted when he volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee, please note that this was written back in March, 2009, a few things have changed since he wrote this Bio:   

Bio for MSN  (03/26/2009)

Davis Palmer 

My name is Davis Palmer.  Many of you know me.  To those who don’t, I’m the guy with the walker at the monthly pot lucks, well-intentioned, but a bit socially awkward.  I’ve been attracted to guys all my life, but my involvement with MSN is my first with a gay organization.  

My background is quite mixed.  I’m a former computer graphics operator, former document analyst, and former telephone interviewer.  A native of suburban Pittsburgh, I wrote my first short story at seven and my first gay porn at 17.  My parents were not amused.  Pity they didn’t notice I knew nothing about sex.

I obtained a Bachelor’s in 1971, began to write regularly in 1982, and took a variety of writing classes from 1985-1996.  I taught memoir writing for Pima’s noncredit program from 1996-1998 and worked for the US Census Bureau from 1996-2001, the year I received my honorary doctorate.

I’m retired on disability.  I still write, though not as often.  I am also an amateur photographer, a frustrated graphic designer, and student of popular culture.  I live in a townhouse in central Tucson with my beloved dogs, Bear and Claude.

On March 4, 2007, I totaled my ’92 Camry.  Had I gone a few more feet, I’d be dead.  I reconsidered my life.  I scanned the Observer and joined MSN’s Sunday night dinners because they sounded completely non-threatening.  For the first time in my life, I was openly gay in a group of gay men.

Why am I your Media & Communications Director?  As I said, I’m a frustrated graphic artist.  I ran student government publicity as an undergraduate.  I worked with computers at Gulf (oil) and got my first personal computer—a Radio Shack TRS-80—in 1983.  Am I a computer whiz?  No, but I know enough.

Most important, I’m a writer and a photographer.  I want to use what skills I have to help MSN grow, become more active and more visible.  As soon as we get the website up, I promise to help move us beyond boiler plate newsletters.

I’m currently a regular at the monthly pot luck, Sunday dinners, Triangle Tribe and, of course, your Steering Committee.  I was a regular at the home-based pizza nights till I got involved with Oasis at Wingspan Friday evenings and attended every restaurant-based pizza Saturday.  I have attended several lunch functions and would love to see the Thanksgiving picnic become an annual tradition.  (If we can do a spring picnic before it gets too hot, I’m for that, too.)

I love card games.  I’d like to introduce Quiddler, Kings in a Corner, and plain old rummy—I never learned betting games.  I’d love an art/photography group, and would happily lead, join, or attach us to a gay writing group.

As many of us are retired, we could plan more mid-day activities, and I still dream of doing something with animal rescue.  How many animals die needlessly every year?  It is their world as much as ours!

Okay, I’ll get down off my soap box.  I hope our questionnaire will give us a view of what the group wants, and if you want to express your opinion directly to me, my email is  I am gay, but I’m not from Wilcox—that’s another story. 

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