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My reply to Davis:  2/5/09
Hi Davis --

Very well done, thank you. 

He (George) is going to pass the baton, this coming Monday, he and Curt will transfer the bank account(s) to Merlin and myself.  If Ken (or another trustworthy sole) wishes to do the Treasurer's job, I would very much welcome him as the "major signator" on the account with Merlin and myself as secondaries in the event there should be a need to pay some expense and the Treasurer is unavailable (Ken - have you decided?).

In looking over past editions of newsletters, that I have, back in March of 2002 MSN held it's 7th ANNIVERSARY and THE ANNUAL MSN AUCTION.  I would like to have one this year on March the 7th along with a POT LUCK in liew of a paid dinner at Home Town Buffet.  I would like to have a "Recognition Dinner" at some future month, possibly at Golden Corral instead of Home Town Buffet. 

I am hoping to have an "interim Steering Committee" meeting at Merlins and Lees this Friday at 6PM (I know that you have your other group meeting/dinner and won't beable to attend - I'll fill you in on what we discuss.) The important topic at this meeting will be should we try and plan the auction and anniversary pot luck for the 7th of March?  We do have time to advertise if we decide to do it - but it will be a close call - "can't do it" is not in my vocabulary this coming year - my theme as President / Chairman is BACK TO BASICS -- more of which everyone will hear about, from me, very soon.

Well, I need to get for now -- again, thanks for your input and your help.

Hugs,  Thom

Davis Palmer <>  2/5/09

TO:  George, (past MSN President George Gustavson regarding shutting MSN down or combining with TPT)

I don't mean to jump into this uninvited, but the sky is not falling.

MSN may not be in the best shape its ever been, but is in no danger of collapse.

Our only recurring expense is the hall for the monthly pot luck and I
understand we have more than enough for awhile If we ask for five
dollars a head, a turn out of 30 would more than meet future expenses.

We did not have the auction this year. It isn't too late, but we need
to push for items to auction and seek donated items outside the club.
On the other hand, we don't really need the money. It is not
necessary to treat all members to dinner once a year, and an online
newsletter eliminates production and mailing costs. Our other
functions are in private homes. The most we need to do is donate some

I am not opposed to planning some activities with the Prime Timers. I
enjoyed their pot luck and I hope someone invited them to ours, but
joint activities do not require a merger, especially when MSN is still

I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is offered. You have
my sympathy. I was on a church board, got promoted to the presidency
when I did not seek it, and had to fire the minister. It was very
unpleasant, and I have avoided boards ever since, but I believe in
MSN. This group is where I finally came out, and I will do what I
can, including serving on the steering committee and writing for the
newsletter, to keep it going.

With Warm Thoughts

Davis Palmer, DD

Davis Palmer via   9/11/08

It seems strange it has been 7 years. I had my surgery in March '01 so was still sleeping in late. When I woke up at noon and heard BBC coverage on KUAZ, I thought I was hearing bad radio drama. I didn't believe it till I drove--shakily--to Chris' house and saw it on their TV.


Davis Palmer via 8/3/08

Thanks for the card. I got a good laugh out of it. Love to all, Davis Palmer
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